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Tomas & Yuka

Follow your breath 


Tomas Tealdi

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tomas Tealdi began his journey of yoga at an early age under the warm guidance of his mother who was also a yoga teacher. Despite growing up in a full yoga environment, his first choice of discipline as a young adult was martial arts. He immersed himself to Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. During his stay in Thailand, he practiced Vipassana meditation that completely shifted his perspectives towards life.


In 2013, still working as a builder, he moved to Spain to work in a construction site. It was when he casually walked into a yoga studio and met Javier Castro, the owner and the principal teacher at Yogashala Institute in Marbella. Motivated by a strong encouragement by his teacher, Tomas continued to practice, and went on to complete 500 hour teacher training.


When Tomas was introduced to ‘The Rocket’, he was immediately hooked by its dynamic style with was aligned with his nature. He attended his first Rocket teacher training by It’s Yoga International. Around the same time, he met Tiago Rocha, a renowned Rocket teacher in Barcelona, who, eventually lead him to train with David Kyle (aka Baba Rocket) of Ashtanga Puerto Rico.  


Tomas’s dynamic, often humorous teaching style appeals to students of many backgrounds and experiences. He continues to practice and teach Rocket Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through his classes, workshops and trainings. He is a Rocket® Vinyasa Certified Teacher, E-RYT 500 and Continuous Education Provider under Yoga Alliance. 

Yuka Takahashi

Born in Miyagi , Japan. Yuka grew up in a small village surrounded by an abundance of nature. Inspired by her mentor, a wild-eyed university student who taught her not only English but also curious tales of the world, Yuka secretly decided to leave Japan to live a life of her dreams in her teens. 

Since early 90s, London became a mecca for endless self-discovery. While working at multinational corporations by day, Yuka continued to explore Dance, Meditation and Yoga. Among all, it was Vipassana Meditation, 5 Rhythms, and Yoga practice that transformed her life over the years.

In 2015, Yuka decided follow her yet another dream to move to Spain. She attended 500hrs teacher training at Yogashala Institute in Marbella, followed by more trainings with international teachers including David Kyle of Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, Sue Flamm of Restorative Yoga, and John Friend & Desi Springer of Bowspring.

Yuka enjoys practicing and sharing Ashtanga and Rocket inspired Power Yoga.

Her authoritative, humorous and inspiring qualities are appreciated from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners alike. She teaches Private and Group classes, and conducts Workshops and Retreat with her partner Tomas.

She is also a keen student of Dhrupad Yoga, an ancient form of Indian Classical Music. 

  • Back to School: Arm Balances Workshop
    Back to School: Arm Balances Workshop
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Deepen our understanding of arm balances while developing efficiency in this group of poses. Get ready for exercises to build strength and flexibility.
  • Adjustments Lab Level 1 with Tomas & Yuka
    Adjustments Lab Level 1 with Tomas & Yuka
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Marbella, Marbella, Málaga, Spain
    YACEP 5.5 Contact Hours. This workshop is specifically designed for yoga teachers to learn how to observe, align, and adjust postural imbalance on the basis of postural type.
  • Adjustments Lab Level 2 with Tomas & Yuka
    Adjustments Lab Level 2 with Tomas & Yuka
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Marbella, Marbella, Málaga, Spain
    YACEP 5.5 Contact Hours. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers, and/or those who completed Adjustments Lab Level 1 with Tomas and Yuka.

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